About us

Everything we do, we believe is an expression of our passion for art.

The way we do this is by making great art boxes, packaging peoples art with care, and making sure we deliver your artwork safely.

Our Story

Our involvement in the Arts started over 3 decades ago, selling art. We began by making our own stretchers out of cedar. When we sold artwork overseas, we encountered our first real challenge, finding professionals who were easy to work with, passionate about art, and could handle our work with care.

Frustrated by the lack of appropriate professionals, we began making our own crates and ended up designing a unique custom made art-box that fulfilled all our personal requirements.

Others got to see what we were doing and they loved our boxes. Soon we developed close relationships with key people in our industry and started to use our unique custom made art-box design to suit their requirements. Picpac, is now considered an integral support to the art industry in this country, providing an important service to dealer galleries, art institutions, museums, auction houses and private collectors.

Please be assured that we love your art as much as you do, because our passion is art.


George Gray

 Operations Manager

info@picpac.co.nz   09 836 3949 0274 757 249

Nigel Brown

 Factory & Storage Manager

info@picpac.co.nz   09 836 3949 0274 841 484

Kirsten Slatter

 Installation & Local Transport


Gail Gray


accounts@picpac.co.nz   09 835 0052